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PayPal Payment PRO

About PayPal Payment PRO


Easily integrate a payment solution into your Joomla Articles

PayPal Payment PRO PayPal Payment Pro allows you to offer files for Download directly to your articles using a simple tag.
You can manage multiple accounts and PayPal Sandbox, no limit. Ability to integrate multiple files in the same article paid for different PayPal accounts or not.

PayPal Payment Pro is compatible PayPal, PayPal Mobile and Sandbox (official test platform of PayPal)


Multiple levels of security available

  • Limit the number of downloads (optional)
  • Time limit. Valid link X minutes (optional)
  • Checking the IP address (IP = IP download upon payment (optional)
  • Various automatic safety controls built into the system ...


Monitoring of transactions

Client and administrator have access to an interface for monitoring transactions. The customer may at any time consult with archived transactions and access the file that he purchased (if the administrator allows it!).


Claims system

This version (PRO) integrates a complete claims with labels. In case of complaint about a transaction, the administrator is notified immediately by email.

Management interface complete with complaints is available in Joomla administrator part. Your customer has access to the monitoring of the claim and is notified by mail if the answer.

API PayPal/Sandbox

To use the component, you must obtain the information following APIs: username, password and signature. To do this, register on the site (or to use the official test platform).
Your login will then API interface available in your PayPal (or sandbox).

PayPal Payment PRO

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Buy this extension (€ 15 AT) safely with PayPal.


Main functionalities


  • Integration of paid files in your articles
  • Managing multiple accounts of PayPal or Sandbox
  • Completely multilingual
  • Compatible mobiles (smartphones)
  • Compatible SEF (Friendly URL)
  • Code generator
  • Claims Manager
  • 2 modes: PayPal/Sandbox
  • Works with API PayPal or Sandbox
  • Currency in each case (or automatic)
  • "Buy" button variable
  • Various security levels
  • Notifications of sales and complaints by email
  • Admin interface for managing PayPal accounts
  • Admin interface for handling complaints
  • User interface for handling complaints
  • User interface for monitoring transactions

Available currencies

  • AUD, australian dollar
  • CAD, canadian dollar
  • CZK, czech koruna
  • DKK, danish krone
  • EUR, euro
  • HUF, hungarian forint
  • JPY, japanese yen
  • NOK, norwegian krone
  • NZD, new zealand dollar
  • PLN, polish zloty
  • GPB, pound sterling
  • SGD, singapore dollar
  • SEK, swedish krona
  • CHF, swiss franc
  • USD, us dollar