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Can I use your extensions on more than one site?
Yes, your license / subscription allows you to use it on more than one domain, we require you purchase support for each domain you use it on however.
Do I need Zend or IonCube?
No you do not.  None of our extensions are encrypted.  You are free to customize them however you need. No support for your custom.
I Don't Have An Active Subscription, Where Can I Get Support?
If you would like support from us, you will have to purchase a support subscription by purchasing a product.
What Am I Buying?
Because we don't encrypt our extensions in any way (see above) you have the entire source code - this means that we are selling support. We make sure that our members have all their questions answered. Our members can simply email their questions in and we automatically create a ticket for them. We do our best to answer questions within 24 hours.

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PayPal Payment Plugin

This plugin allows to easily integrate one or more buttons Paypal to enable the download of a file to the price of your choice.

PayPal Payment Plugin uses the Paypal API. You can configure it in 'test mode' to use the Paypal Sandbox (test environment).

It is also possible to use the plugin more times for multiple files and on the same page.

Automatically send the link by email, with or without attachments.

Several security settings are available: life of a download link limited limited number of downloads, IP address validation, ...



{ paypalform }ID|File|Filename|Price|Description|Image{ /paypalform }
6 parameters are possible, of which 4 are mandatory. Separate each value with the character | (pipe)
  • ID: id of the file. Mandatory parameter needed especially for multiple instances. Must be numeric (eg 1).
  • File: the file name to download (eg Required parameter.
  • File name: The name of the product. (ex: My extension version 5.3). Required parameter.
  • The price: the price (eg 5.50)
  • Description: Optional description of the product (eg extension developed by youDev)
  • Image: OPTIONAL: complete url of the image (eg

The | character is used for the separation of parameters, it is prohibited in the contents of a value.


Example :



{paypalform }1||My first drawing|5|It is a bit abstract but this is my first drawing !||imgtype=6{/paypalform }


List of configuration options:

  • Test mode: No / Yes: active test mode the test environment
  • I Paypal Account: Your username (USER) API PayPal or API Sandbox
  • API Paypal Password : Your password API PayPal or API Sandbox
  • API Paypal Signature : Your signature API PayPal or API Sandbox
  • Currency : the currency (eg EUR)
  • Thank You Page : thank you page once payment is approved
  • Downloads Folder : the directory containing the files available download
  • Download Life : life in minutes the download link after receipt of payment
  • Email Attachement : Send file by email after receipt of payment
  • Count Limit : Activates a limited number of download for the same link.
  • Max Download : If 'Count Limit is active, number download allowed for the same link.
  • IP Secure : Active IP security. If the option is active, the download is only permitted if the person wants to download using the same IP address when purchasing.
  • Message Email : email address that will send messages to the client
  • Contact Name : contact name for emails sent by "Email Message"
  • Success Email Subject : About mail sent to the client after receipt of payment
  • Success Email Body : Contents of mail sent to the client after receipt of payment
  • Notify Email : e-mail address where notifications will be sent of receipt of payment
  • Notification Email Subject : subject of the email notification receipt of payment
  • Notification Email Body : content of the email notification of receipt payment
  • URL cancellation : leave blank for automatic management of the plugin. Enter a valid address to customize the back after a cancellation order by the customer.
  • Claim URL: address to be used by customer for any claim.


The following predefined tags are available for Options Success Email Subject, Email Body Success, Notification Email Subject, Email Notification Body, if you use them, they will automatically replaced by their equivalent.

  • {username] : username of the customer on your site
  • {name} : customer's name on your site
  • {product_name} : name of product purchased
  • {product_link} : Product download link
  • {link_life} : life of the download link (config)
  • {link_count} : maximum number of downloads (config)
  • {br} : line break

Buy Paypal Payment Plugin:

Buy this plugin for only 5 € (TTC) securely with PayPal.

You must be logged into the site to purchase this plugin.

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Insert Any Code

Plugin Insert Any Code by


The plugin Insert Any Codes allows easy integration of JavaScript code (among others) in your content and avoid bugs related to publishers. With this plugin, you integrate such code advertising (like Google Adsense) in your content where you want, without any constraints of Editor.


Buy this plugin for only 5 € (AT) securely with PayPal.


How to use :

Using the plugin is very simple, place the file containing the code in the directory (configure this option in the plugin configuration), then call this code as follows:

Filename : name of the file that contains the code to interpret


Only two configuration options:

  • Debug mode : Enable this option to display debug information.
  • Folder : Directory where the file is located.


Exemple :

This example will interpret the code in the file 468-60.txt of the directory 'Folder'.

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PayPal Payment PRO

About PayPal Payment PRO


Easily integrate a payment solution into your Joomla Articles

PayPal Payment PRO PayPal Payment Pro allows you to offer files for Download directly to your articles using a simple tag.
You can manage multiple accounts and PayPal Sandbox, no limit. Ability to integrate multiple files in the same article paid for different PayPal accounts or not.

PayPal Payment Pro is compatible PayPal, PayPal Mobile and Sandbox (official test platform of PayPal)


Multiple levels of security available

  • Limit the number of downloads (optional)
  • Time limit. Valid link X minutes (optional)
  • Checking the IP address (IP = IP download upon payment (optional)
  • Various automatic safety controls built into the system ...


Monitoring of transactions

Client and administrator have access to an interface for monitoring transactions. The customer may at any time consult with archived transactions and access the file that he purchased (if the administrator allows it!).


Claims system

This version (PRO) integrates a complete claims with labels. In case of complaint about a transaction, the administrator is notified immediately by email.

Management interface complete with complaints is available in Joomla administrator part. Your customer has access to the monitoring of the claim and is notified by mail if the answer.

API PayPal/Sandbox

To use the component, you must obtain the information following APIs: username, password and signature. To do this, register on the site (or to use the official test platform).
Your login will then API interface available in your PayPal (or sandbox).

PayPal Payment PRO

Buy this extension


Buy this extension (€ 15 AT) safely with PayPal.


Main functionalities


  • Integration of paid files in your articles
  • Managing multiple accounts of PayPal or Sandbox
  • Completely multilingual
  • Compatible mobiles (smartphones)
  • Compatible SEF (Friendly URL)
  • Code generator
  • Claims Manager
  • 2 modes: PayPal/Sandbox
  • Works with API PayPal or Sandbox
  • Currency in each case (or automatic)
  • "Buy" button variable
  • Various security levels
  • Notifications of sales and complaints by email
  • Admin interface for managing PayPal accounts
  • Admin interface for handling complaints
  • User interface for handling complaints
  • User interface for monitoring transactions

Available currencies

  • AUD, australian dollar
  • CAD, canadian dollar
  • CZK, czech koruna
  • DKK, danish krone
  • EUR, euro
  • HUF, hungarian forint
  • JPY, japanese yen
  • NOK, norwegian krone
  • NZD, new zealand dollar
  • PLN, polish zloty
  • GPB, pound sterling
  • SGD, singapore dollar
  • SEK, swedish krona
  • CHF, swiss franc
  • USD, us dollar




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