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Insert Any Code

Plugin Insert Any Code by


The plugin Insert Any Codes allows easy integration of JavaScript code (among others) in your content and avoid bugs related to publishers. With this plugin, you integrate such code advertising (like Google Adsense) in your content where you want, without any constraints of Editor.


Buy this plugin for only 5 € (AT) securely with PayPal.


How to use :

Using the plugin is very simple, place the file containing the code in the directory (configure this option in the plugin configuration), then call this code as follows:

Filename : name of the file that contains the code to interpret


Only two configuration options:

  • Debug mode : Enable this option to display debug information.
  • Folder : Directory where the file is located.


Exemple :

This example will interpret the code in the file 468-60.txt of the directory 'Folder'.